Accordion Microphone GCF-SOLO

Wireless Accordion Microphone System

Acoustas GCF-SOLO is a compact and wireless accordion microphone system for amplifying the accordion’s right side.  It is an elegant solution to amplify the melody of any accordion.  It is very easy to attach with Velcro to the accordion or squeeze box since it is very light and has no pop when you turn it on and off.  This simply amplification solution for your accordion will allow you to be heard by the listeners and give you the freedom to be wireless. This system is great for smaller accordions and players that only use the right side.


  •  133dB overload allowes for playing loud with 65dBA signal-to-noise ratio
  • Audio quality: 48kHz sampling rate, 16-bit width, SLAC compression
  • Battery Play time: About 12 hours with stock battery (85mA draw when powered)
  • Battery Type: Prismatic lithium-polymer, 3.7V, 1000mAh, converted to 3.3V for power bus
  • Charging via MINI USB cable(provided) or USB-compatible supply
  • Antenna: On-board, 50ohm inverted-F tuned for 2.4GHz
  • Indication: Solid green light for running and solid red light for charging (not mutually exclusive)


  • Output: 1/4″ phone jack, stereo (duplicated signal on left/right), 32ohms to 10kohms load impedance
  • Operating range: Up to 100m (328ft) straight-line, with 40mW transmission power
  • Power supply: Same as the charging cable MINI USB with minimum 55mA current at 5V from
  • Connectivity: RF (2.4GHz) through RP-SMA connector, supplied with 2dBi whip antenna
  • Interface: Digital audio over USB mini-B connector, 48kHz, 16-bit, no drivers required (Windows/Linux)
  • Volume control: 15 intervals of 1.5dB each followed by mute at lowest setting
  • Indication: Solid green light for connected, blinking green light for pairing
RF channels: 16 from 2.406GHz to 2.466GHz, We use channels 1-6 as a default with auto pairing.
NOTE: If you own more than one microphone system from Acoustas or have other wireless systems in the 2.4GHz range and you want to use them at the same time all the receivers need to be on different set of channels.  On checkout please choose the bandwidth you want with your microphone. Choose 1-6 or  6-12 or 12- 18 That way you can have more than one going at the same time.
Certification: FCC intentional emitter, CFR title 47 part 15.247