Our Mission

We want to help people live a life with better sound.

About Acoustas

We are a company that wholeheartedly believes in the power of sound. At Acoustas, we believe that great acoustics, sound and music can heal and lift the mind, body and soul. We have assembling a team of very talented people to achieve our mission.

Our Team

Our current team is growing and we are always looking for the best possible people to help in achieving our mission.

Stas Todromovich

CEO, Founder

Stas has bachelors degree in electrical and computer engineering(ECE) from Michigan State University. He is a life long audio enthusiasts and engineer. He founded the company in April, 2011 and has been on a mission to bring the best possible teams together to build acoustics product and services that transform lives.

Arthur Matteson

Electrical Engineering

Arthur hold a Masters of science degree from Michigan State University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has over 20 years experience in designing circuits and developing electronics, power electronics and audio products.

Gregory Wierzba, Ph.D.(EE)

Circuit Simulation and Testing

Dr.Wierzba has been an irreplaceable part of our team for his expertise and knowledge of audio circuit design. He is our advisor and mentor. He is in charge to audio and electrical measurements and testing. He gives us a non-biased and independent assessment of our circuit design, prototypes and products. He's constantly pushing us to be better audio designers to make the best products possible.

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