Accordion Microhone Model AMx7HD

Detailed Diagram of the AMx11HD

Installation Video

The all new M2 model AMx7HD is a new redesign of our popular Original Melody-M accordion system.

What’s New?

 This ultra slim design of the system makes for an easier installation and fit for most instruments.

Addition of Stereo out for separate left and right channels

Optional internal wireless transmitter can be added for wireless accordion amplification right from inside the accordion.

System Information

  • 2 microphones in the treble and 1 microphone in the bass section
  • Thin design for easier universal installation
  • High Sound Level Output Mixed Mono L+R
  • Separate Bass and Treble Volume Controls
  • Ultra High Noise rejection for clipping prevention
  • Independent Volume Control for better balance
  • Options for every accordion you will ever have

Melody-M2 features our new ultra thin design  that includes micro-thin cables for the least invasive and easiest installation possible.